The Implant-Supported Denture

It is now possible to go from missing teeth to having functional and esthetically pleasing teeth. If you’d like a beautiful smile without having to worry about the poor function and messy adhesives associated with dentures, implants may be the answer.

Before  After Implant Supported Denture                                                                                      

An implant-supported denture can replace the missing teeth and some of the tooth roots. Normally four implants are placed on the lower jaw or mandible and these implants integrate into the jaw. They help maintain the bone as well as stabilizing the denture. The denture will snap onto the implants offering comfort and confidence when eating or biting.

The upper jaw or maxilla usually will require four to six implants to best seat or attach the denture. This will allow the palate or roof of the mouth to be exposed rather than covered as with a traditional denture. You retain your ability to taste your food and the implants stimulate the bone to keep your face from ‘sinking in’.

We would be happy to perform a consultation to determine your eligibility for dental implants. Please contact us for more information.